Pricing - Metered OEM


  Only pay for the files you process

  For each loading or creation of a document you are charged with one credit

  More discounted rates on large volumes

Process as many files as you require. After one month, we will calculate the total credits and bill you according to the below plan. One credit is counted each time you perform an open or a save operation on a document.

More information about our Metered OEM license can be found here. Read the Metered License FAQ for answers to your questions and scenarios.

Total Credits
Rate / Credit
Price / Month
0 to 1000  
Flat rate  
$1999  Fixed
Next 4000  
$0.08  / Credit
Next 5000  
$0.06  / Credit
Next 30000  
$0.03  / Credit
Any additional  
$0.02  / Credit
 Total Price: