Document Automation APIs

GroupDocs offers .NET and Java APIs that allow developers to seamlessly enhance their web, mobile or desktop apps with the capability to display, annotate, convert, e-sign, compare and assemble documents.

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  GroupDocs.Total Product Family Manipulate documents from within your own desktop solutions and web apps without requiring any other commercial products.
  GroupDocs.Viewer Product Family Flexible document viewing solution for programmers and professionals to render and display widely used file formats anywhere.
  GroupDocs.Conversion Product Family Convert popular document and image file formats on any platform with app and api-based solutions.
  GroupDocs.Editor Product Family Document editor to manipulate Microsoft Office, OpenOffice, PDF, HTML and other document file formats.
  Groupdocs.Merger Product Family Easily merge multiple documents or split Microsoft Office, OpenOffice, PDF and other documents into pages.
  GroupDocs.Comparison Product Family Compare document content and styles across popular platforms with our on premise & cloud APIs and app-based solutions.
  GroupDocs.Annotation Product Family Annotate documents with our apps or build your own custom annotation applications across popular platforms using on premise or cloud APIs.
  GroupDocs.Assembly Product Family Auto-generate reports in different formats from custom templates and different data sources with our cross platform apps and APIs.
  GroupDocs.Parser Product Family Extract text, images, metadata and encoding detection for Microsoft Office, OpenOffice, PDF, HTML and other file formats of your choice.
  GroupDocs.Signature Product Family Sign digital documents and images on any platform using our flexible APIs and app based solutions for programmers and end users.
  GroupDocs.Metadata Product Family APIs and apps to read, edit, replace and remove metadata of documents, images and other file formats on popular platforms.
  GroupDocs.Search Product Family Perform text search and indexing on Microsoft Office, OpenOffice, PDF and many other document file formats.
  GroupDocs.Watermark Product Family Quickly apply & manipulate text and image based watermarks of your documents and images with smart search.
  Groupdocs.Redaction Product Family Hide or remove private information from Microsoft Office documents, spreadsheets, presentations, PDF and images.
  GroupDocs.Classification Product Family Programmatically classify documents and text into accurate categories using IAB (version 2) and documents taxonomies within any type of .NET applications.